1990 – 2015

OSI Remembered. esse quam videri

OSI served Government and Private Sector for 25 Years before operational evolution gave way to the Applied Scientific Technology Advance at Intelligent Social Media, LLC (ISM). This site serves as a reminder of the threats and risks that have always been with us and a journal to the many accomplishments and historical events that became part of the pedigree that now defines the OSI – ISM Legacy. Thank you to the many who made these years, operations, investigations and accolades possible! You are not forgotten. I hope this site will stand as a reminder of our achievements in the past, as well as inspire us to greatness that honors God for all the days of our lives. Stronger-Together!

OSI OP-V Deployed at Strong Angel III, San Diego. Exercise Response Based on Hurricane Katrina QRF and Tactical Response.

OSI was known for it’s expertise in Intelligence, LE Special Operations and the advance and development of technology initiatives for government and private security operations. OSI also had an award-winning multi-media production team and produced several projects, some of which are still relevant today! OSI was best known for it’s CQBRS (Close Quarters Battle, Reconnaissance & Surveillance) Program in the early days and then quiet, but recognized service in support of Hurricane Katrina Operations, which in time gave rise to the OP-V Program.

OSI was licensed as a Private Security Company in both Georgia and Virginia and supported numerous contracts and efforts in the United States and Overseas. On the security side of the company, OSI was known for it’s expertise in providing Executive Protection, Special Investigations & Intelligence.

OSI was one of the first private contracting firms to develop and use secure satellite communications technology in support of field and tactical operations. These technology initiatives had a strong influence on both the OP-V and Intelligent Social Media projects that would evolve post Hurricane Katrina (2005).

OSI was an active partner with San Diego State University (SDSU – 2006 – 2015) and worked on several projects and exercises, to include Strong Angel III, Op. Golden Phoenix, CWID 2010, X-24, C&LEARN, Ardent Sentry-15 and others. OSI maintained strong, award-winning and recognized service to the government and private sector. David retired as the founder and president before becoming co-founder and president of Intelligent Social Media, LLC., a technology innovation developer dedicated to providing world class secure communications and collaboration solutions.

An Award-Winning Video produced by OSINetwork Productions focusing on the Tracking the Tactical components of OSI.