Security Management

follow url CSO Chief Security Officer, Have you ever thought about the need for a head of security for your organization and maybe just didn’t know where to begin? We can help you with this important decision by either providing you a contracted subject matter expert and leader or by OSI simply wearing your “T-shirt” and helping you build a security management program to fit your needs. It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. With more than 25 years in the business and leadership with more than that, OSI can ensure your success by helping your organization to develop good policies, procedures and security operations.

Security Project or Program Management. It won’t cost you anything to discuss the matter with us. Our CEO has over 30 years of networking in the security community and is willing and ready to discuss how you can take that first step to ensuring a safe and secure work environement and also how your operations can be engineered to help you grow your bottom line through a professional and cost effective security management plan. A safe work place inspires employees and staff and incresed productivity is a simple vicarious result of improving conditions. Contact us today!

Crisis Comms

go site Crisis Communications is a critical task for any contmporary work place. Do you know what you will do if there is an incident or how you will approach the public and the media should there be an incident, accident or a catastrophic event? We can help. OSi has been involved in conducting and participating in global scale exercises and events for more thana decade. We are also partnered with San Diego State University, VizCenter and the Graduate Homeland Security Program. This world-renowned program is proficient in blending visualization, social media and press considerations and has been conducting world-class exercises for many years!

Why not partner with a world class operation and have immediate access to the professionas who can help!
Schedule a consultation to talk about how you might set up a crisis exercise for your business of organization. OSI can develop, manage and run your exercise that can change everything for your preparedness.