Tracking & Fieldcraft (CQBRS Program)

order Pregabalin online uk OSI’s historical roots are foundational in fieldcraft, scout operations and Man-Tracking. This area of the site will be dedicated to tracking and fieldcraft and provide useful and historical data and information for trackers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) operators and others who rely on fieldcraft in their job, life or operations. You will see and learn how tracking provided the foundations for a robust and cutting edge technology program inside OSI and how fieldcraft contributed to the development and proofing of field-research and theoretical work regarding the use of asymmetric operations, swarming and the merger of technology into tactical and COIN level ops.

  • 1995 OSI CQBRS Team

    Close Quarters Battle – Reconnaissance & Surveillance

  • OSI Developed and Operated the First Night Vision Program for Law Enforcement in the Country

    The Ghillie Technology Seen Here Was Also Part of a Successful OSI Research Program

OSI’s first tracking team fielded in the mid 1990’s. The program was called the <strong>CQBRS Program (CQBRS: Close Quarter Battle, Reconnaissance & Surveillance) The team was operational, but worked with several government agencies and other private sector firms in the development of cutting edge fieldcraft, tactics and soon began implementing technology integration like night vision, ghillie, GPS and more, before these technologies were visible to most law enforcement agencies in the U.S. The work accomplished by this pioneer team lead to future operations, initiatives and accomplishments by OSI in the areas of C4ISR, Asymmetric 4th Generational Warfare Theory and eventually work in partnership with academic organizations like the University of Louisville, Southern Police Institute and Presently, San Diego State University, Visualization Center (Viz Center)