OSI provides professional services to Corporate Security, Loss Prevention, Risk Management and other clients such as Law Firms, Law Enforcement, Military and other contracting entities.

The company was pioneered in the early 1990's. Known for its work in special operations, protective services and intelligence, OSI has become a world-class leader in the adaptation and execution of technology in support of strategic and tactical initiatives world-wide. With a professional expertise in Homeland and National Security projects, OSI continues to work in cooperation with major universities, government and corporate partnerships to develop and implement strategic solutions.

Over the last eight years, OSI has engaged in the development of information and intelligence-sharing systems and is revolutionizing the approach to operations and information analytics. A key partner and corporate affiliate, San Diego State University ( VizCenter & Graduate Homeland Security Program ) has been working with OSI to address some very complex problems regarding border security and issues like asymmetric transnational crime, narcotics associated violence, asymmetric security issues associated with supply-chain, transportation related crime, and other problems that daily plague U.S. Homeland Security  . Some will remember that this initiative began at the University of Louisville in 2004 at the Southern Police Institute and was tested and tempered under the pressures of Hurricane Katrina response in 2005. The effort quietly received congressional and local recognition. The effort did not stop there!

Critical Infrastructure Protection and building resiliency into your organization is at the core of OSI's focus and expertise. Our leadership team has served in Operations and Sr. Leadership in support of the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense and other Federal, State and Local Agencies. Our staff have also received recognition as Subject Matter Experts (SME) in the various sectors of Infrastructure Protection and Key Resource protection. If you are an Owner/Operator of National Critical Infrastructure and need experienced help with security, loss prevention, risk management or if you have the need of out-sourcing part or all of this critical corporate service, please contact OSI immediately. You will find we are ready and willing to help.